Terms of Donations


John Peter Zenger News Foundation, Inc. [hereinafter referred to as "Zenger News"] is a 501(c)(3) corporation that accepts tax deductible donations for the purpose of providing content to news outlets. Any citizen of the United States of America who makes a donation to Zenger News shall be provided with a tax receipt from Zenger News for the purpose of establishing a tax deductible claim with appropriate government agencies. This receipt shall be made by electronic form delivered digitally or by paper form delivered by U.S. mail to an address provided by the donor within 30 days from receipt of donation by Zenger News.


A donor may receive a refund for a donation made to Zenger News provided a request for refund is received in writing at the offices of Zenger News, 229 East Owen Ave., Wake Forest, NC 27587 within 10 days from the date that the donation was made. In the case of credit card donations, refunds shall be credited to the donor's credit card. Other forms of donation will be refunded by corporate check. Refunds shall be processed within 15 days from the date that the request for refund was received.